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The first and only language and culture learning system that teaches through feature films is now available to libraries everywhere. Subscribe to Mango's popular learning suite by December 31st and get Mango PremiereTM with all 20 movies for free.*

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Subscribe to Mango's popular language and culture learning suite by December 31st and get Mango PremiereTM with all 20 movies for free.*

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How do I offer Mango PremiereTM through my library?

Simple! If you're a full subscriber to Mango's suite of language and culture learning resources, it's included in your subscription*:

Step 1
Sign up for a demo and pricing or give us a call at 1-855-466-2646. Subscribe to Mango's full suite of language and culture learning resources.
Step 2
Join the Mango PremiereTM launch party from November 12th through November 30th to supercharge your promotions. Call us for details.
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Throw a party! We'll help you roll out the red carpet for your community. Your library will benefit from this large, coordinated promotional event.

How many films and languages will be available?

We'll be releasing 5 films on November 12th, with 15 more added between November 12th and December 31st, for a total of 20 films in 7 languages. These films have been selected for entertainment, learning value, and fit with your community.*

What if I'm already a Mango subscriber?

Then you're good to go! As long as you're a full subscriber, your patrons will automatically gain access to Mango PremiereTM with all 20 movies, without any changes to your subscription.* It's our way of evolving the most innovative language and culture learning experiences to fit the needs of your community.

*Due to film licensing restrictions beyond our control, some films are only available for libraries and learners within the United States. Contact us for details.