We’re enriching lives with language and culture.
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What makes Mango unique?

We care.

We advocate for our customers and work to make their jobs easier and their lives better. We listen to our learners and create quality products that engage and excite them.

We strive to enrich lives, not just increase our bottom line.

We live and love what we sell.

It's one thing to build a team of talented people. But we've taken it a step further.

We push ourselves to attract talented people who identify with our core purpose. We know our passion for languages and cultures drives us to create better products and be surrounded by more people who love what they do.

We’re bright.

And not just in our color palettes and our sunny dispositions (but those count, too!).

Our bright-minded team takes the complex process of learning a language and presents it in a simple, approachable way that can't be duplicated (no, really, they tried).

Sound like your kind of place? Cool. We’d love to meet you.

We asked Mangos why they love their jobs.
Here’s what they told us:

"I work with amazing people in a fun, laid-back environment. The unusual thing about Mango Languages is that on one hand, we have this very casual, relaxed workplace, but at the same time, there is a very strong creative, entrepreneurial spirit, where teamwork and fresh ideas and learning are taken really seriously."

Karl Kaebnick, Software Craftsman / Code Cook

"At Mango, it doesn't matter if you have been here one week or one year, they encourage you to express yourself and they actually listen to your ideas. When I look at my life, I see myself working for Mango for the long haul. Coming into this company at a time when the sky's the limit, I am excited to be part of the growth of the company."

Tony Casali, Academic Account Executive / Top Gun Tony

"“I love working directly with Mango customers, flexible time off, lots of smiles and laughs every day, and the fact that my co-workers care about me and I care about them in return."

Allison Hoekwater, Support Team Lead

"I love the people, the entrepreneurial environment, the opportunities, the fun, and that it’s like a family. Mango has an environment that is fun to work in, while still being very focused on growing the business."

Daniel Sherizen, Account Executive / Mango Ambassador

"My colleagues are very interesting people, knowledgeable and passionate about their job. Every day I look forward to my tasks because they align with what I enjoy doing. I like the core purpose of enriching lives with language and culture because making this planet a better place is important to me as a person."

Lilia Mouma, Head Linguist / Syntax Aficionada

"I love promoting such an awesome product and living the passion behind the entire process. Every single conversation is interesting, helpful, and I always walk away with a smile and having learned something new. Everyone is so smart, so creative, so funny, and so supportive and we all work in an environment where it's easy to channel this energy into our work."

Mallory Lapanowski, Makerting Coordinator / Lorem Ipsum Curator

"I am encouraged and expected to take initiative to improve the company, I get to learn new languages as a part of my job, and we create and sell products that empower people to improve their lives. Plus, the core values are not just words in a mission statement or on a wall. Leadership truly believes in and exemplifies the values, and wants team members who do the same."

Gabe Cassel, Legal Manager / Keeper of Contracts

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