You and your patrons have worked hard to learn a new language. Why keep it to yourself? Introducing Mango’s new social media feature, which allows users to post their progress to Facebook and Twitter at the end of a lesson or chapter. Inspire some friendly competition in your library with Mango badges. Each chapter unlocks a new badge that will flaunt your language learning prowess to friends and family when posted via social media.

Want to know what makes this deal even sweeter? Every social media post includes a link to, which will help users find the closest local library that offers Mango Languages. This means increased traffic and patronage to your branch and increased awareness for your digital resources.

So, go ahead. Shout your progress from the mountaintops, rally a support group, find a study partner or heck, just show off a little.

Give your Mango rep a call to learn more about the social media feature and all the ways Mango is working to drive traffic into your library.

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2 Responses to Start Bragging. You’ve Earned It.

  1. Katheryn says:

    Are there any plans in the works to make Mango badges that work with Mozilla’s open badge backpack? Job seekers might have an interest in adding a badge for language learning to their list of post-school education.

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