“Hola. ¿Cómo le puedo ayudar?”  Or in other words: “Hello.  How can I help you?”

Here at Mango, we’ve met thousands of librarians over the years and have consistently found them to be some of the kindest, most helpful folks you can imagine.   But we know that even the most helpful librarian would struggle when language barriers become an issue.  Which got us thinking: why don’t we develop a Spanish language course designed specifically for librarians?

Enter: Libby the Librarian.

spanish for librarians

She’s resourceful, she’s intelligent, and she’s pretty darn cute – if we do say so ourselves!  She’s also ready to help other librarians learn useful phrases and vocabulary to assist their Spanish-speaking patrons, like how to get a library card or navigating the reference desk.

The best part?  Libby’s course is FREE.  This is just our little way of saying thank you to the awesome librarian community that we love so much.

Ready to get start learning with Libby?  Click here.

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