Because today is Mango Monday, it’s only right to talk about Mango and what we’re all about. Language learning is a passion of ours, we live and breathe it around here. Besides analyzing language learning trends, perfecting the Mango methodology, and creating educational products for everyone to enjoy, there is a core value system we all strive to follow and live by here at the Mango grove.
Our core purpose is to deeply enrich lives by leading the world to language and cultural understanding. How did we get to this? I’m glad you asked… through our six core values!

-Entrepreneurial Spirit
-Positive Attitude

These core values come together to create what you know as Mango Languages. We try to put our best effort into everything we do while coming up with creative and new ideas that ultimately better the world through language learning. We’re driven and we have fun! Although we follow these core values on a daily basis, we couldn’t have done it without your support. Thank you to all our fans for allowing us do what we love, who create and provide opportunities for people to learn about different cultures and the world around us through languages. :-)

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