With all the new, fun, and awesome developments here at our Mango office, our Product Director has decided to show his excitement by sharing a poem with all the Mango fans out there.

Languages languages everywhere I see.

Foreign language smiling back at me.

French and Hindi sitting down to tea

Merci, and dhanyawad, happy as can be.

Conversing is fun now that I found the key

Mango makes learning, ever so easy

Here come Swedish and Dari making a plea

Next I’ll speak Azerbaijani

-Steve Perakis

As you can see the excitement level is at at high here. What languages are you excited to learn?

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8 Responses to So Excited About Mango!

  1. Susan Tallman says:

    I see that Swedish is coming in 2010 (library version, I hope) and since it is 2011, I was wondering when Swedish would be available. I am very excited to be able to study Swedish and to use Mango.

  2. Is Swedish still in the works? Tack!

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