P1000440Mango Languages is happy to announce that we are moving our office! With all the new additions to our staff as of late, it has become more and more necessary to accommodate additional desk space, work areas, and even extra rooms to compensate for our growing promotional item requests.

The new office will be only about a mile away from where we are located at the moment, but it’s still a great deal of work getting everything into the new building. With the space still under construction, the move-in day has been set during the week of ALA’s Annual Conference, so we’re all packing our desks into boxes before leaving for the show. Everyone is taking bets on who will show up at the wrong office when we all return!

Our new shipping address:

30445 Northwestern Hwy. Suite 300

Farmington Hills, MI  48334

Have you ever worked in an office that you felt needed to be a bit bigger?  Do you think it affects how well you work?

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2 Responses to Moving the Mango Orchard

  1. We are excited to be on board!

  2. Welcome to the Mango family Ventura!

    We look forward to working with your library.

    I have enjoyed meeting a number of your staff members at the some of the recent trade shows and I was very impressed by how beautiful the area was when I came out to visit.

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