We would like to introduce our newest Mango, Rachel Reardon. Rachel joined the Mango team a few weeks ago and we would like to officially welcome her to the Mango Grove.

Who better to tell you about Rachel, than … Rachel. So here she is in her own words:

“My job title here at Mango is Marketing Coordinator. I work with our consumer team to help get the word out about Mango Passport.

I first heard about Mango at an Automation Alley event two years ago in Troy. There, I met Jason Teshuba and learned a little about Mango. As a language student, it was exciting to hear about a language company doing such cool things in this area. I stayed connected with Mango for the next few years though social media and voila!

I recently graduated from Oakland University where I studied French language and literature, advertising and design. While I was in school, I completed internships in finance, marketing and design and most recently worked in social media at a marketing agency.

My favorite thing about Mango so far is the office culture! In just my first week, I experienced impromptu hula hooping Olympics and an old-fashioned game of telephone with a multi-lingual twist. You can tell that the Mangoes work hard and are passionate about what they do but also have fun doing it.

I couldn’t pick one trip in particular but my favorite travel destination is Montreal! Every time I am there, I discover amazing new places, meet fascinating people and find more reasons to love the city. While at Oakland University, I spent time as a French Research Assistant, traveling to and evaluating Francophone universities in Quebec City and Montreal. I try and go back as often as I can. I’ve learned about the province of Quebec and the immense impact that the French/English bilingualism has on education, politics, art, and culture. Plus, I love the “Franglais” perfected by French Canadian speakers (that is often hilarious to Anglophones)!

The core value I appreciate the most is innovation. It’s so exciting to join a company that is so committed to and values the importance of constantly being at the cutting edge and accepting new ideas.”

Well said! Welcome Rachel!

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