Have you ever aspired to be a voice-over talent? If you have an interesting and appealing voice, you would be a good candidate for the job.  Just imagine – getting paid for speaking!

Many people enjoy recording for commercials, television promos, animation, audio books, radio and in other fields. The voice-over talents are in a high demand in the language learning industry, especially foreign-language speakers.  However, those who think the voice-over work is a piece of cake are wrong! It is not just the ability to talk to the microphone and being able to create special effects in the recording software. Voice-over is a profession that requires lots of studying, training, practice and perseverance.

If studying is something you like to do, I will share a very easy tip on how to be a better voice talent: just smile! The specialists and instructors in the field have discovered that when a voice-talent is smiling while reading the script, his or her voice becomes more appealing and softer. That’s easy, right?

Have you ever worked as a voice-over talent?

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