We are proud to be a very diverse group here at Mango Languages.

Just peering around my desk as I write this, I see Mango employees from Russia, Italy, Colombia, Albania and France as well as a handful of bilingual Americans.

Despite our many different cultures and native languages, we still manage to find striking similarities and shared experiences amongst eachother.

Sometimes we even dress alike.

We love documenting Mango “Office Twins” as a fun way to lighten things up around the office but it also highlights how alike we all are despite our different backgrounds.

Click on the photos below to see a few of our favorite twin pictures!

Do you work in a diverse office place? How does getting to know people of other cultures broaden your professional experiences?

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One Response to Mango Monday: Around the world in the office.

  1. Hannah says:

    We just hired a new technician in my pharmacy. Her name is Martina, and she’s from the Czech Republic. I ran into her at the local Czech church yesterday after Mass. I realized it made sense for her to pick that church, but I wonder what she thinks of our local Bohemies!

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