More Mango Languages content = more adventure.

We are excited to announce the addition of Mango Passport Journeys Two and Three to our online language learning course offerings.

With triple the content for eight of the world’s most popular languages, Mango Passport now takes you even further.

Your Journeys await. Start learning today.

Formerly the original Mango Passport, Journey One features the basic tools you’ll need to get the most out of your trip, such as greetings, getting around and ordering food:
Learn a language

Journey Two goes beyond the travel-focused content learned in Journey One. In no time at all, you’ll learn how to describe surroundings, make small talk, plan leisure activities and more:

Learn a language

In Journey Three, build upon the knowledge gained in Journeys One and Two. Topics covered include discussing culture, addressing medical conditions, expressing thoughts and feelings and making plans:

Learn a language

Check out our blog posts all this week to hear about the journeys of users just like you and for the chance to win a free bundle of Mango Passport Journeys One, Two and Three in one of eight available languages!

Your Journeys await. Start learning today.

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2 Responses to Learn a language with more Mango Passport content

  1. Brandon says:

    This is excellent. I am currently using Mango to study Portuguese and Japanese, but it won’t be long before I finish Journey 1. I hope the library that I’m using will get journeys two and three so I can continue.

    • Hey Brandon! That’s great to hear you’re learning Portuguese and Japanese! How it is set up right now, you can learn with Journey One through your library but advanced content (Journey Two and beyond) are only available for purchase.

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