Over the past six months, the folks at Mango have been busy.

Busy researching, busy building, and busy listening to your feedback.  As a result, we’ve been able to line up a whole bunch of product improvements and upgrades that we know will make you happy.  With these exciting new additions, Mango not only offers your users more learning opportunities and ways to master the language of their choice, but also sets the bar for making language learning fun, innovative and engaging.

1)  New Language Courses:
Mango is excited to offer two new ESL (English as a second/foreign language) courses and 12 new foreign language courses, bringing the entire database to a grand total of 60 foreign and 17 ESL courses.  We listened to your recommendations and added these languages to better serve the needs of your institute and patron base.  The courses have been automatically added on for all clients that have a full subscription.

2)  Mango Premiere:
Mango is excited to announce it’s upcoming product, Mango Premiere.  The first and only language-learning program to teach through film, Mango Premiere combines education with entertainment to offer its users an undeniably unique learning experience.  Mango’s CEO, Jason Teshuba explains, “our research shows that the two biggest barriers to learning a new language are time and motivation. Mango Premiere addresses both of these constraints, because – let’s face it – who doesn’t like to watch movies?” Having just rolled out the beta release at ALA, Mango Premiere has already created a great deal of buzz!  In fact, Language Magazine featured the product in its most recent edition (page 43).  Mango Premiere will be automatically added to all full database subscriptions later this year, but if you want to get an early sneak peek, sign up for our webinar to learn more.

3)  Android Tablet App:
Mango’s popular Android app is now enabled to work on tablet devices, including: Galaxy, Nexus 7, Nexus 10 and many others.  Just one of the many ways Mango is working to go where you go.

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4 Responses to More Mango to Love

  1. Rebecca S. says:

    Ther July 13 newsletter states that the Mango Android App is now enabled to work on a number of tablet devices, including Kindle Fire. However, there are no Mango Apps available (free or otherwise) in Amazon Kindle App store. Do you have any plans to make it available there? Having it available through Google Play is not an option for Kindle Fire owners unless they perform some sort of hack.

    Thank you


    • Tiffany Neumeyer says:

      Hi Rebecca,

      Our Tech Team is doing final testing on our Kindle Fire app right now and should have it available in the store within the next month! We apologize for the delay. Happy learning :)

      - Tiffany

  2. Lora says:

    also wondering about the update for Kindle fire app. I am not finding anything in the amazon store either. Do you know a date when we will be able to get the mango app for kindle? thanks

    • Tiffany Neumeyer says:

      Hi Lora – We sincerely apologize for the delay with our Kindle Fire app. Unfortunately our Tech Team ran into some unforeseen issues which pushed back the launch much later than originally anticipated. But they are hard at work trying to rectify these issues and are now targeting an end of Oct. launch. We know you have all been waiting for the app to launch and thank you so much for your patience and understanding on this issue! As soon as the app is available, we will post an update to our blog and social media pages so that you can be among the first to download it! Thanks again for bearing with us! – Tiffany

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