On Jan. 15, we’ll be rolling out Mango Connect, the next generation of our user portal.  Mango Connect is designed to provide you with a more intuitive, user-friendly learning experience.  But that’s not the only new development we’ve got in store!  To learn more about all the ways we’re working to build a bigger, better Mango, read on…

Our brand new user portal is designed to take the learning experience to the next level with a highly visual and interactive interface — plus, we’ve made it easier for you to access all the language-learning products available in your language or product of choice.  For example, you just select the language you’d like to study:


And you’ll be able to see all the products available to you in that particular language (e.g. courses from Mango Conversations, movies from Mango Premiere, etc.):



Mango now has placement tests available for 17 of our most popular language courses, which allows you to find the right starting point in the course.  The link to take the placement test is located on the Welcome Screen for the following courses:

Arabic (Levantine)
Chinese (Mandarin)



Portuguese (Brazilian)




ESL (for Japanese speakers)

ESL (for Korean speakers)

ESL (for Mandarin Chinese speakers)

ESL (for Russian speakers)
ESL (for Spanish speakers)


Say hello to Mango Premiere™, the first and only language learning resource to teach through feature films and other foreign language multimedia.  Mango Premiere™ is unlike anything else on the market today, combining education with entertainment to provide users with an undeniably unique learning experience.

Mango Premiere™ will be available to all libraries and institutions that have a full Mango subscription*.  Not sure if your account qualifies?  Ask your librarian or administrator – or shoot us an email at support@mangolanguages.com and we’ll check for you!

*Due to licensing restrictions, some films will not be available outside the United States.

To optimize your learning experience, we’re consolidating our Basic and Complete 2.0 courses into a single updated product: Mango Conversations.  No need to worry – all the content you were able to access through Basic and Complete 2.0 will still be there, it’ll just be housed under the new Mango Conversations name.

In addition, we’ll be retiring our older, Complete 1.0 interface.  Mango has grown by leaps and bounds since the release of 1.0 and we want to ensure that you continue to have access to only the best, most cutting-edge products on the market.  Retiring 1.0 ensures that we can focus our energy on providing support and optimization for newer products – plus, it allows us to focus on all the other language-learning innovations that we want to bring to you in the future.

If you’re still learning with Mango Complete 1.0 – no worries!  Access to Mango’s “Classic Portal”, which links to the Complete 1.0 and Basic products, will be available till June 2nd, 2014.  So you’ve got plenty of time to finish the course.

Or, if you’d like to switch to the newer Mango Conversations product, you can use our brand new Placement Tests (available in our 17 most popular languages) to find out where you should start in the course.  Just look for the Placement Test on the welcome screen when you launch Mango Conversations.

We may be upgrading our interface and our expanding our offerings, but everything else that you know and love about Mango will remain exactly the same.  Same great customer service, same respected methodology.  And if you have any questions, we’ll be here.  Just contact us at 1.877.MANGO-11 or support@mangolanguages.com.

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73 Responses to Say hello to a bigger, brighter Mango.

  1. Karen Braddock says:

    I need Welsh and you don’t have it.

  2. Dewayne Coambs says:

    I really need a language course to perfect a standard British accent. Can you help me out?

    • Tiffany Neumeyer says:

      Hi Dewayne – The 17 ESL courses that are currently available through Mango are primarily focused on providing cultural lessons and information about life in the United States, and are therefore taught with American English pronunciation. But we develop based on demand, so I’ll pass along your request to our Product Development team! – Tiffany

  3. Chris says:

    You guys are awesome! I’m very glad that I found this. I was originally only using this in conjunction with another website for Italian, but I decided to check out Ancient Greek and I love it.

    • Tiffany Neumeyer says:

      Chris – we love to hear it! Did you know that our Religious & Scholarly Collection has three other languages as well? Koine Greek, Ancient Hebrew & Latin! – Tiffany

  4. Richard Peterson says:

    thank you for the great way to learn a new language! I am look at buying the complete course for German. My question is should I wait for the newer version on January 15?

    • Tiffany Neumeyer says:

      Hi Richard – these changes in January will only apply to the library & institutional version of Mango. They won’t have any effect on the Mango Passport product, so feel free to go ahead and purchase anytime! Viel Spaß beim deutsch lernen!

  5. Richard McCoy says:

    I really Chinese on your site. I have been longing for companion movies and something more conversational. I cant wait for your new improved version!

  6. Carolyn Caskey says:

    Don’t get rid of Scottish Gaedhlic!!!! It’s fast on it’s way to being the next great language!!

  7. Kate says:

    I’m glad that Mango is getting even more awesome!

    And I agree with Carolyn: please keep up the great work with Scottish Gaedhlic! It’s incredibly hard to find good resources for learning this language (except for one website run by the BBC), and your program is amazing in that sense.

    • Tiffany Neumeyer says:

      Thank you Kate! We’re so glad to hear that :) We love the Scottish Gaelic course too! – Tiffany

      • Susan Santana says:

        I think that keeping Gaelic in some form would be awesome.

        • Monica says:

          I agree with Carolyn and Kate on Scottish Gaedhlic. I know the six Celtic languages are obscure, but there are those of us who want to learn, for various reasons. At any rate, if someone doesn’t keep these languages alive, an important part of our history may die out. Being able to read old genealogical documents in those languages is priceless. Please consider keeping (enhancing) Gaedhlic, and Gaeilge, and adding Cymraeg. Manx is another one, but I understand the demand may not be there. Thank you for considering it.

          • Tiffany Neumeyer says:

            Hi Monica – thank you so much for your feedback. We’re so glad that you’ve found value in our Scottish Gaelic course! We will certainly pass along your feedback and language requests to our Product Development staff – we always take into consideration the needs of our patrons when planning for new content! – Tiffany

  8. S. Green says:

    The description of Mango Language had mentioned that you have Japanese as one of your languages. I don’t see it listed. Will you be adding Japanese in the near future?

  9. Doug Spencer says:

    I would love to learn ilokano but there are almost no resources available.

    • Tiffany Neumeyer says:

      Hi Doug – we develop based on demand, so I will definitely pass along your suggestion to our Product Development team! Thank you for letting us know! – Tiffany

  10. D. Jones says:

    This sounds like it will be very cool! Looking forward to it. Also, I would like to let you know that I have been looking for resources on the Georgian language, but they seem to be pretty hard to find. It would be nice to see this language covered in the future. Anyway, keep up the good work!

    • Tiffany Neumeyer says:

      Thank you! And thanks for the suggestion about a Georgian course – I will pass along your feedback to our Product Development team :) – Tiffany

  11. Robert Smiljcic says:

    Hey Mango love what you guys do! Thank you very much! I do have one language I would like to suggest though that I think you guys need- Sign Language! The deaf community would greatly appreciate this.

    • Tiffany Neumeyer says:

      Hi Robert – thanks for the love! I will definitely pass along your feedback about the Sign Language course to our Product Development staff. It’s an offering we’d love to have as well! – Tiffany

  12. Rehana Bacchus says:

    I have come a long way in my Spanish with Mango. I thought it was absolutely fantastic. I was wondering if we can have an advanced tutorial. I think it would be great especially since it is probably the second most popular language spoken in the US. It would be a real help to the community to have an advanced tutorial. I believe this is much needed. thanks for the great job you all do.

    • Tiffany Neumeyer says:

      Hi Rehana – thanks so much for your feedback! We actually offer two additional Journeys for our Mango Spanish course for purchase on our website. If you’ve already completed the library version, that may be a good next step! Happy learning :) – Tiffany

  13. Malka says:

    Thank you SO much for adding Yiddish to the course offerings!!! Now, how about American Sign Language? Would love to see it happen! : – )

  14. Steve Parkes says:

    I’m currently learning Spanish on Mango and very much enjoying it. Looking forward to the upgrades. I didn’t realise you had ancient languages too. Might have to tackle Latin next!


  15. jesselyn spaulding says:

    Awesome! Thank you so much for making it possible for me
    to explore other languages which I never thought possible. More
    power to the program and to all !! I’m loving it so much!!! Keep it
    going… Once again … thank you…

  16. Jessica says:

    I love Mango. Thanks to your site I can finally talk to my fiance family (Cantonese). You have no idea how much it has helped! Thank you!

  17. Rachel says:

    I know you guys are adding new developments to the Site, but all Language courses are working EXCEPT Egyptian Arabic. It has been down for the past 4 days. If you could please e-mail me to let me know when it will be working again, it would be very helpful. Thanks for such an awesome program.

    Southeast Alaska Library Patron.

    • Tiffany Neumeyer says:

      Hi Rachel – I’ve forwarded your ticket on to our Support staff so that they can help you out! – Tiffany

  18. Ann Sieber says:

    I really like Mango and have high hopes that I can overcome my inability to learn languages.

    I’ve studied about 360 minutes in French so far. However, I am an on-and-off student – what I’d like to see in Mango is a Quick Review function. Right now when I’ve been gone for awhile my only options are
    1) Start over – which takes a lot of time and I get bored and frustrated because I remember a lot, just not all
    2) Start where I left off, but I get frustrated because there’s a lot I don’t remember

    Thank you!

  19. Foluke Williams says:

    Excellent software!

  20. caprice says:

    Hi, Love what you guys do! Keep up the great work I have learnt Hindi and a great deal of french to help me ace my exams at school so thanks :). I really would however, love it if you guys would consider adding Fijian to your languages as it would be extremely useful as I can’t find a Fijian language course on a website as trusted and amazing as Mango.
    Thanks a bunch

  21. Tita says:

    I really love Mango! It’s really fun to use and learn quickly! Thank you for this awesome program!! But what I would really like to see is courses on Native languages such as Navajo, Nahuatl, Mixteco, Purepecha, Maya… etc. But mostly Purepecha please? If it’s possible, please. :) OH and also different types of Arabic please? :) Thank you so much!!

  22. LHarr says:

    Any chance of getting Japanese?

    • Tiffany Neumeyer says:

      Hi there! Good news – Mango indeed offers Japanese, both through our subscribing libraries and for purchase on our website. Japanese is also one of the languages that is currently available to subscribing libraries offering Mango Premiere :) If you have any questions or need help logging on, please don’t hesitate to give our support staff at shout! – Tiffany

  23. Charlene Gilchrist says:

    Hello, I just found out about your site today from my local library. My interest is in learning Norwegain as I will be visiting a friend there in September 2014. Unforunatly, I do not see anything to learn Norwegain. I hope that it will be possible for you to include this in the near future. Please see what can be done to expedite this process so I can take advanage of your site Thank you.

    • Tiffany Neumeyer says:

      Hi Charlene – Mango actually does offer Norwegian through all libraries that have a complete Mango subscription! If you don’t see this course offered through your library’s Mango database, it could be because they only subscribe to a limited language package. If you want to give us a call (1.877.626-4611), our support staff can check for you. You can also see if there are any other libraries in your area that offer Mango by visiting FindMango.com. Hope this helps – and happy travels! – Tiffany

  24. Jeron says:

    Third request for welsh, Thank you

  25. nola says:

    Excellent resource! Many thanks, and a second request for Georgian.

  26. Sarah Farr says:

    I know this is a dead language, but is it possible you can add Latin to the list of Languages. I know some good teachers at a High School that would love to help out if you’re willing to put Latin on the list.

  27. Duane says:

    I am so happy with your service! I finished the beginner courses of Spanish (LA), Hindi, and Japanese and I’ve still retained most of what I’ve learned months later! My one request would be that the Japanese course use Kanji (with hiragana for pronunciation of course) because without kanji, learners are still functionally illiterate.

  28. Daniel Forquer says:

    I love Mango!! I am so glad you guys finally listened and added Scottish Gaelic!! Now I can learn the language of my ancestry!! I really enjoy everything about Mango and I am looking forward to the update!!!

  29. Chelsea Montgomery says:

    My family and I are looking for a Scottish Gaelic course. But I am also learning German, and would like to further my knowledge of Latin, so I’m very glad that you have both! Will certainly be checking out more! :)

    • Rachel Reardon says:

      That’s great to hear, Chelsea! Thank you for commenting! Keep us posted on your progress, okay? Good luck!

  30. Edward Ligda says:

    Do you have Slovak or will you be adding it soon? I have some from my parents, but they are both deceased and I would like to keep up on it. Ed

  31. Tierra says:

    Thank you sooo much! I’ve been taking Mango in school, learning Swahili. When I get older, my dream is to open a daycare or orphanage in east Africa where Swahili is most commonly spoken. Mango has helped me to eliminate one of the predicaments that could hinder me from achieving my dream sooner. Thank you very much. When (and if ) I become rich, I will try to donate some money to the Mango Languages Program.

  32. Alex says:

    Hi Tiffany, do the courses also focus on past and future tense?

    • Tiffany Neumeyer says:

      Hi Alex – Yes, our courses cover both tenses :) We use a conversational learning approach, so grammatical topics such as these are always introduced and explained in the context of a dialogue. This means that you will gain exposure to many different grammatical concepts as you move through the lessons and conversations. Hope this helps! Happy learning! – Tiffany

  33. Christy says:

    I love your program! The only addition I would like to see is Chapter tests. This would make it a complete course for my highschoolers.

    • Tiffany Neumeyer says:

      Hi Christy – Thanks so much for the feedback! Although we do have a Review Section at the end of every chapter in our course, we do not currently have a comprehension test. I will pass along your suggestion to our Product Development staff! – Tiffany

  34. nancy says:

    What about Japanese? My son is crazy about learning Japanese.
    Thank you

  35. ash says:

    Hi, will you be developing an app for the windows devices at some point.Thanks.

    • Tiffany Neumeyer says:

      Hi Ash – We do not currently have an app for Windows devices in development, however I will pass along your feedback to our Product Development staff! – Tiffany

  36. Andi says:

    We love Mango! My kids are interested in learning different languages and Mango has been a lifesaver. So far, we’ve started learning Latin, Hebrew, German, and Pirate! I use the recorded minutes to verify some of their learning and hope that those times will not be erased once the new program begins. I also second the vote to include ASL on Mango! Thank you so much!

  37. Sherry Harp says:

    Hi! I’m planning a trip to Ukraine this summer. The Ukrainian language would be very helpful and also a little Russian. Can you help me? Thanks

    • Tiffany Neumeyer says:

      Hi Sherry – We’d love to have you learning with us! We offer both Russian and Ukrainian courses through our database. You can check to see if your local library offers Mango by visiting FindMango.com :) – Tiffany

  38. Erik says:

    It would be great if Mango Premier could add a G-rated Spanish language movie. This would be a great tool for teaching kids.


    • Tiffany Neumeyer says:

      Hi Erik – Thanks so much for your feedback! Our goal is definitely to build out our collection of family-friendly content available through Mango Premiere, so stay tuned :) – Tiffany

  39. Ingrid says:

    Hi guys, loving the Korean language course. I lived in Korea and learned a bit, but this is an excellent refresher. I’m accessing Mango through my university library, and the language courses are a nice break from studying.

    • Tiffany Neumeyer says:

      Hi Ingrid – we’re so glad to hear you’re enjoying the program! Thanks for learning with us! – Tiffany

  40. Daniel Forquer says:

    I just logged into my Mango Library account and it doesn’t look like the photos above. Is there something wrong? I am in the Phoenix Public Library system.

    • Tiffany Neumeyer says:

      Hi Daniel – Mango Connect actually just launched today! Check back and you should be able to see our new look :) – Tiffany

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