Mango Premiere - Language Learning Through Films
Mango Premiere

Watch Movies. Learn a Language.

The first and only language and culture learning system that teaches through feature films is now available at a library near you.*

How to get started.

Follow this simple checklist for free access to all of Mango's learning systems.

Call your library and ask if they offer Mango Languages. The majority of libraries in the United States and Canada already offer Mango's full suite of language and culture learning experiences.*

Get your library card and start using Mango's other great learning experiences.

Start using Mango PremiereTM!

What is Mango PremiereTM?

Imagine being able to watch great films and interact with every aspect of the language and culture. Mango PremiereTM redefines immersive learning by combining authentic content, highly intuitive learning, and entertainment. You'll love it!

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How can I get my hands on it?

As a library cardholder at participating libraries across the United States and Canada, you'll have free access to experience the next generation of language and culture learning. Now available at a library near you.*

Did you say free access?

Yep! If your local library is a subscriber to Mango's online language and culture learning resources, you'll have free access as a library cardholder. The good news is that most libraries in the United States and Canada are subscribers.*

How can I find out if my local library will offer Mango PremiereTM?

Great question! If your library subscribes to our full suite of language and culture learning products, Mango PremiereTM will automatically get added to the suite. The surest way to find out is to call your local library and ask them if they offer Mango Languages' resources.

What can I do in the meantime?

If your library has Mango's full suite of learning resources, you can start using them right now. Choose from over 60 languages including English. Call your library to see if they offer Mango.

*Due to film licensing restrictions beyond our control, some films are only available for libraries and learners within the United States. Contact us for details.