We want YOU to party with us.

Join the official Mango Premiere™ Nationwide Launch Party.

The Party

Sign up to host a launch party at your library between Nov. 12th and Nov 30th and we’ll provide all the planning resources you need. (Yes, it’s as simple and as awesome as that).

The Mission

To party, of course – and show your community how libraries are making a difference by delivering the most innovative learning resources available.

You’re Invited! Here’s how to sign up.

Ready to party? We thought so. Join libraries across the nation to celebrate the release of Mango Premiere™, the first and only language learning system that teaches through feature films. It’s easy as uno, dos, tres.

Step 1
Subscribe to Mango’s full suite of language and culture learning products. Already a subscriber? Activate Mango Premiere by having your admin log into the Mango Administration Portal and accept the Terms & Conditions.
Step 2
Register here and we’ll email you our Mango PremiereTM
programming kit.
Step 3
Throw a party! Your patrons will have a blast and YOU get to show how your resources can benefit the community.

Bring the popcorn, we’ll take care of the rest.

We’ve crafted our best-ever promotional package for you to share with your community. Here’s what you’ll get:

Programming Kit

Step-by-step guide
Demo instructions
‘Scene Guide’ handouts
Activity cards

Promo Resources

Event poster
Website banners
Sample blog post
Sample email
Sample press release
Logos and other assets