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Spoken in: Germany · Number of speakers: 200 million
Ever see yourself behind the wheel of a high performance German sports car on the Autobahn? Ever wanted to have schnitzel in Saarbrücken? By learning German, you’ll gain access to an incredible world of fun, excitement, and adventure. From Germany, to Belgium, from Luxembourg to Switzerland: German can take you through some of the most cultured and sophisticated destinations on the continent.

German Conversations Journey 1

Topics covered in Journey One include:
  • Greetings, Gratitude, Goodbyes
  • Inquiring About Someone’s Nationality
  • Asking What Languages Someone Speaks
  • Names and Introductions
  • Getting Around
  • Shopping and Payment
  • Drinks and Dining
  • Numbers and Currency
  • Getting Help
  • Asking for Clarification
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German Conversations Journeys 2 and 3

Topics covered in Journey Two include:
  • Addressing and Describing People and Animals
  • Describing Surroundings
  • Making Small Talk
  • Accepting and Declining Social Invitations
  • Dating
  • Foods, Cooking and Dining
  • Commenting on the Weather
  • Using the Bank and Post Office
  • Planning Leisure Activities
  • Sightseeing
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German Conversations Journeys 1, 2 and 3

Topics covered in Journey Three include:
  • Culture, Literature and Art
  • Discussing Historical Events
  • Addressing Medical Conditions
  • Expressing Thoughts and Feelings
  • Discussing Schools and Education
  • Names and Their Origins
  • Talking About Food and Dietary Habits
  • Physical Descriptions
  • Making Plans
  • Sports and Exercise
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"I have traditionally not been good at learning languages. With Mango, however, hearing, speaking and reading it, I was actually able to not only learn the language fairly quickly, but with great accuracy as well."

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