There are many languages available to learn. How do you decide which one is the right one for you? One way is to look at how many people in the world speak the language.

Check out these stats:
1. Mandarin Chinese (720 million)
2. English (480 million)
3. Spanish (320 million)
4. Russian (285 million)
5. French (265 million)
6. Hindi/Urdu (250 million)
7. Indonesian/Malay (230 million)
8. Arabic (221 million)
9. Portuguese (188 million)
10. Bengali (185 million)
11. Japanese (133 million)
12. German (109 million)

Which language are you thinking of learning?

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5 Responses to Which language should you learn?

  1. Rashmi Ravindranath says:

    Thank You for Mango Language access via the library website. Very educational!

  2. Jake says:

    #s 6-8 and 10 in the above list are not presently available via Mango for Libraries (nor did I see them available for non-library users). Are they presently in development?

  3. Thank you Jake for your comment. WE are so excited to now offer Hindi, Urdu and Arabic. We are adding new languages every month. Currently, the languages we offer serve 93% of all language learning requests via google.

  4. Rupa says:

    Looking for Bengali language. Is that available?

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