We all do it: eagerly dive into our new year’s resolution lists in January and February but stuff them into a drawer in March and forget about them by April.

If learning a new language was on your list this year, consider this your reminder: you still have a few months left. And we want to help.

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Last week we asked you what keeps you motivated and what challenges you face when learning a new language.

Pauline Lévesque posted on the Mango Facebook page, “What keeps me going in learning a new language is to be able to speak with the natives when I go on a trip…very satisfying.”

If you’re in a language-learning rut, have you thought about going somewhere where you can speak with a native? It doesn’t have to be around the world; does your city have a China Town or Little Italy? How about popping in a foreign film tonight to get you motivated to keep learning? Check out our post from last week to get some ideas for more fun ways to practice your new language.

What have you learned in your new language today?

Look for more motivation and join the conversation on Facebook or follow the hashtag #LanguageResolution on Twitter.

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2 Responses to What have you learned in your new language today?

  1. Jordan Johnson says:

    Today I learned the word for wound in Japanese. 傷 :)

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