Learn SpanishThe ability to go from Spanish to English and back is becoming more and more useful, and sometimes, necessary. Focusing on the benefits of being a bilingual in the workforce, as a Spanish-English bilingual, I’ve gained many advantages from speaking two languages. Below are some reasons why being being a bilingual employee in the U.S. is really awesome.

Bi-lingual, bi-marketable.

Knowing two languages can help you be more marketable to potential employers. Consider the following statistic: the projected Hispanic population of the United States in 2060 is 128.8 million (31% of the U.S.A’s population by that date). The Hispanic population is increasing rapidly and companies are reacting to that. Being able to go from Spanish to English and back can give you an additional skill that employees are actively seeking. As you pursue different opportunities, being bilingual can give you that leg-up in getting certain jobs as well as help you in salary-negotiations.

Twice the languages, twice the relationships.

By being able to speak two languages, there is an opportunity to speak to more and different people. This can happen in your personal life, but also in your place of employment. Consider the fact that 75.1% of U.S residents 5 and older spoke Spanish at home in 2010. Knowing English and Spanish allows me to connect with other Spanish speakers. And with different languages, there is also different cultures attached. Learning or speaking a second language gives you the opportunity to experience a different culture and relate to other co-workers through their culture. This may not only enrich your life, but it can also help strengthen working relationships.

Spanish at home, options abroad

Besides the many benefits at home being a bilingual employee can bring, your bilingual skills can also open up doors to opportunities abroad.

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2 Responses to Spanish to English: Being a bilingual employee in the U.S.

  1. mercedes says:

    teer uescuchar engo 59 anos , mi meta de este ano es q con la ayuda de ustedes quiero aprender hablar escribir de guarosy escuchar bien para poder hacer las pronunciaciones bien, y aprender ablar ingles, y seme facilite poder meterme abuscar este cur sin ningun problema. con la ayuda de ustede3s ntengo q este ano aprender el idima del inglesh por favor necesito q me ayuden y me den informacion cuando comienza el curso yo studio en la libreia gracias

    • Tiffany Neumeyer says:

      Hola Mercedes,

      Gracias por tu interes en Mango! Tenemos cursos gratis que puedes usar si tu biblioteca ofrece Mango. Puedes ir a este sitio: findmango.com. Si vives en los Estados Unidos, puedes entrar tu codigo postal para ver si una biblioteca cerca de ti ofrece Mango. Luego, puedes ir a esa biblioteca y usar Mango ahi. Si gustas comprar el producto, puedes ir a este sitio: http://www.mangolanguages.com/learn-english-for-spanish-speakers/. Ahi puedes comprar los diferentes cursos de Ingles para hablantes de Español (hay 3 diferentes niveles). Los cursos los puedes usar cuando quieras y a tu propio ritmo. Espero que esta informacion te ayude en tu meta de aprender el Ingles! Si tienes mas preguntas, no dudes en contactarnos. Nuestro email es: support@mangolanguages.com y nuestro numero telefonico es 877-626-4611. Gracias y buena suerte! :)

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