Want to learn Romanian?  Good news: Mango has a course for that.  And for Swahili, Modern Standard Arabic, and Egyptian Arabic – four new courses released today to our complete database subscribers.  Expanding our language offerings is just one of the many ways we’re working to make Mango sweeter, both for you and your patrons in 2013.

The new year also means it is time for us to travel to Seattle for the 2013 ALA Midwinter Conference.  Stop by booth #1215 to learn more about these four new courses and all the ways Mango shows our love for clients.  Tell us how to say “I love Mango” in Romanian, and we’ll give you our free “Language Love Affair” mini-course download.

English: I love Mango
Romanian:  Eu iubesc Mango (ee-YOH YOO-besk MAHN-go)

Happy new year and happy learning!

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4 Responses to Ringing in the new year…in four new languages.

  1. Lee Cox says:

    Şi eu iubesc Mango, şi nu văd ora că studiez limba româna pe situl lui Mango!

  2. Mango gave us opportunities to learn basic spanish greetings.
    The webinar inspires the usage in every day experiences in the library.

  3. Mango was very interesting and my topic was spanish. Now I can greet in spanish.
    Zach Jakes

  4. Mango gave us opportunities to learn basic Spanish greetings.

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