Competitive_AdvantageNo doubt times are tough right now. The economy is still reeling from a recession and jobs are still being cut. How do you stay safe? Diversifying your job skills can be one way to make you more desirable.

By taking a foreign language you are adding value to the company as they grow in a more global marketplace.

Having a foreign language on your resume can help you:

1. Get accepted into college
2. Get into graduate school
3. Save money on tuition
4. Find a job
5. Keep a job
6. Enjoy international travel
7. Personal achievement and growth

Some things to think about:
*Employers expect to hire 8% fewer college graduates this year.
*Job losses at highest point since 1945, after World War II ended.
*College acceptance is more competitive than ever.
*More college graduates are opting to go back to school.
*The US government is encouraging people to learn strategic languages, which include: Arabic, Chinese, Korean and Russian

How are you keeping your skills relevant and diversifying your resume?

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6 Responses to Learn a Foreign Language – Be Recession Proof

  1. Oh Great point! Learning a foreign language at this time of recession is a great way to stay safe. I think that those that refuse to learn a language other than English are stuck in the fifties, Besides, when you learn languages as a youngster you never know when you might need them in the future

  2. In recessionary times, it’s even more important to keep improving and to consider learning a second language. Now is the time to be up skilling to future proof yourself. The ability to speak a second language puts your business or your job prospects one step ahead of the competition. Thanks Beverley for such a nice informative and inspirational blog.

  3. CD Rate says:

    Not sure if I agree but I need to do some research on my own. Well written article for sure though.

  4. Cameron says:

    Our country had been so much affected by this Economic Recession. there are lots of job cuts and company shutdowns. We are seeing some signs of economic recovery right now and we hope that it would continue.

  5. | Acneguy says:

    I think we are also seeing some signs of recovery from the Economic Recession. Of course, we have no idea of how long it will take to completely recover, but some say it’s going to be longer than for the other recessions in decades. I also scanned an article yesterday that said business owners need a new set of tactics to do well during recovery.

  6. We choose our joys and ruefulnesses long before we experience them. 

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