250px-Latin_dictionaryMany people believe that Latin is considered a “dead language.”

Is it really?

Threads of Latin still exist today in our modern day romance languages – French, Italian, Spanish, and Romanian.  So in a sense, are we not still speaking a form of it?  Yes, it may be a stretch but look at words like FORTEM (strong); in French you would say ‘fort,’ Italian is ‘forte,’ and Spanish has ‘fuerte.’  The French and Italian shouldn’t be much of a surprise here for us fellow Latin enthusiasts, as it is known that the final ‘m’ always was dropped in Late Latin and carried over into Early Romance (as was the initial ‘h’ ).  Of course it should also not be much of a surprise that Spanish is the odd man out here. When it came to Late Latin-Early Romance, apparently the Spanish created diphthongs.

But there are cases where French is the one left out in the cold.  When it comes to words like CAMPUS (countryside) French gives us “champ” [sã], while Italian and Spanish make it easy and leave us with ‘campo.’  There are other cases where French did the same thing.  With a word like CAMI:SIA (shirt), the French came out with ‘chemise’ whereas Italian and Spanish use ‘camisa’ — only dropping the final [i].

Although it may seem obscure, each language stuck to its own conventions when breaking from Late Latin.  For the most part, consonant vowel clusters stayed the same (dental consonant+e>ie for Spanish, etc.) But of course like everything else, language goes through evolution and perhaps someday it will come further than it is now from Latin.

Have you learned Latin? How has it helped you?

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9 Responses to Why Learn the Latin Language?

  1. Thank you very much for you great comment! We appreciate your support!

  2. Ligerzero says:

    The language of Latin is the offical form of speech for the Holy Roman Catholic Church. Why doesn’t Mango languages offer the option of learning Latin?

    • Hi -

      We are working on a Latin course. It is almost ready. However, our Latin course is very different from our other courses. We actually used ancient texts as the content. Keep checking out our blog and Facebook page for updates! ;-)

      Thanks for writing!

  3. Ashley P. says:

    Oh I am SO excited to learn Latin! I love the Mango style and can’t wait to learn, is it going to be ready soon?


  4. Maureen says:

    It’s been 3 months since you mentioned the Latin program being under quality review. Any idea how much closer to release?

    Thank you!

  5. Joanne says:

    I’m very interested in a Latin course. Any idea on when it will be completed?

  6. di young says:

    Thank you for adding latin!

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