Marco at computer - webGrowing up and spending my summers in Sicily did not help me perfect the Italian Language.

Throughout my childhood, I grew up speaking English as my primary language and Sicilian as my secondary language.

It wasn’t until I made my first trip to Rome that I figured out how different the Sicilian dialect is from the standard Italian dialect.  I found out very quickly that I was not able to communicate with the locals.  As a matter of fact people looked at me like I was crazy when I tried to start a conversation.

I realized I had to scrap everything I knew about Sicilian and start from scratch to learn Italian.  Since I started working at Mango Languages a year and a half ago, I began using the Mango Italian program.  Using the program a few days a week, I have been able to perfect my Italian dialect, learn important grammar and cultural notes, speak formally and informally, and above all, I now have the confidence I need to communicate with native Italian speakers.

What foreign language have you always wanted to learn? I would love to hear your story!

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