bigstock_World_Language_Names_Speech_Tr_7991732I love that line in the Men at Work song “Land Down Under.”   Probably dates me a bit though!

Did you know that 85% of Mangoes in our Headquarters speak a foreign language and several of them do not speak English at home? All of our 150 developers and editors are 100% bi-lingual.   Language is more than just what we do for a living, it is an important part of who we are as individuals.   Many of us have lived abroad, were raised by multilingual families, and/or studied foreign languages formally in secondary school and college.

Many of the staff members are tri-lingual and some can even speak four or five languages.  I am always impressed by all the foreign languages I hear around the office.  For example, at lunch today about 10 of us were discussing slang Russian/Ukrainian terms.   We often times discuss cultural norms and language nuances.

I am always learning something new about the world around me, and for that I am very grateful.

Do you know of any other companies that are so linguistically diverse?

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