Need a few Monday laughs? Check out this video of tongue twisters from around the world!

I’m not sure which is funnier: hearing someone attempt a tough tongue twister or thinking about their actual meaning!

This Finnish one looks tough:
“Kokko! Kokookko kokoon koko kokon? Koko kokonko? Koko kokon.”
Kokko (a first name)! Would you gather up a bonfire? The entire bonfire? The entire bonfire.

In the video, Fred from Montreal (at 1:38) said this French one:
“Les chemises de l’archi-duchesse, sont-elles sèches ou archi-sèches?”
The shirts of the duchess, are they dry or extra-dry?

How about this Welsh one:
“Pesychwch fel y pesychasoch gynt.”
Cough like you coughed earlier.

Do you have a favorite foreign language tongue twister?

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2 Responses to Tongue Twisters Around the World

  1. Matt W says:

    Tres tigres, tres tigres, tres tigres.
    Three tigers, three tigers, three tigers.

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