Today marks the Chinese New Year. The Chinese year 4709 begins today; it is also the year of the rabbit.

In China, the New Year is a time of family unity. Last year Jamie Zhang, our Senior Accountant, who speaks Chinese, taught us how to say Happy New Years in Mandarin.

Here’s a review:

Guò nián hǎo!
Happy New Year! (This is the more traditional greeting and can only be used for the Chinese New Year)

过‭ (‬guò) – to spend time
年 (nián) – year
好 (hǎo) – good

This year we would like to wish a Happy New Year from our family here at Mango, to yours!

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  1. Chris Malone says:

    I am a beginner in Mandarin Chinese (I have studied the Piimsleur Course, I’d like to start Mango….

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