We recently welcomed Jamie Zhang to our team as our new accountant.  Jamie was very excited to join the Slice of Mango DJ’s as we learned how to say “Happy New Year” several different ways in Mandarin.  Here are a couple of ways you can say “Happy New Year”:
Guò nián hǎo!
Happy New Year! (This is the more traditional greeting and can only be used for the Chinese New Year)

过‭ (‬guò) – to spend time
年 (nián) – year
好 (hǎo) – good


Xīn nián hǎo!
Happy New Year! (This is a more generic greeting and can be used on January 1st as well as the Chinese new year)

新‭ (‬xīn) – new
年 (nián) – year
好 (hǎo) – good


过年啦 !
Guò nián la!
It’s New Year! (this is said with enthusiasm to exclaim that the new year has arrived)

过‭ (‬guò) – to spend time
年 (nián) – year
啦 (la) – grammatical particle

Take a listen as the DJ’s “learn” a bit of Mandarin!

guo_nien_laChinese New Year

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