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Mango Homeschool gives your students access to over 60 languages, and gives you the tools to keep your classroom organized.

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You don’t need to be a language expert to build real-world language skills for your kiddos.

Mango offers a powerful self-study or blended learning system for your homeschooled children. Completely guided by a friendly virtual tutor, Mango breaks things down into bite-size chunks and teaches your child how to build them back up.

  • Comprehensive.

    Mango rapidly builds real-world language skills and cultural understanding while delivering amazing depth into the grammar and vocabulary.
  • Child-friendly grammar.

    Grammar concepts can often confuse and overwhelm children. With Mango, your child will learn grammar in a much more subtle and intuitive way.
  • Created by experts.

    Every language is unique. That's why each of our lessons are carefully crafted by a team of teachers and linguists specific to the target language.

Used and loved by
thousands of homeschoolers.

I love the combination of visual and audio in Mango. It's perfect for me! I also like that in every lesson, you get new words, and then a review of words from previous lessons.

I believe that Mango Homeschool Edition has been a very effective program. I often hear my sons greeting each other in French, and they are eager to share their new phrases with family and friends.

Mango Homeschool Edition has been a nice addition to our homeschool routine and learning. We will definitely be continuing to use it for the girls’ language program.

He was excited each day to begin our lesson, which made this homeschooling moma very happy. I highly recommend Mango Languages...

Mango Homeschool Edition is one of the most fascinating and exciting curricula we’ve ever seen or worked with. There is so much available, on so many levels, and the student actually can work towards being able to converse with others in a foreign language.

My kids look forward to studying on Mango each day. It is a nice break from the workbook studies that they do plus it is interactive because they have to repeat the words and think on their feet when prompted to say a certain word or phrase.


Keep a language-learning transcript to stay ready for your kiddo’s next step.

We know each state has its own way of measuring your student’s progress, so we’ve got you covered down to the minute.


We’ll do the grading for you.

You don’t need to be an expert in Azerbaijani to know if your student’s getting it. Mango's powerful assessment feature takes care of that for you. Check out printable grade books to see how your little one is progressing.




Learn anywhere.

Not enough time in the classroom? Have your students learn on their iOS or Android mobile devices while you take care of business. No one’s getting saved by the bell here.


Still have a few questions? Check out our FAQs or drop us a line.

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Unlimited access to all languages for a single student for $20 a month. Includes Android and iOS mobile apps.



Unlimited access to all languages for up to six students for $30 a month. Includes Android and iOS mobile apps.

What makes Mango Homeschool different from Mango Languages in my library?

Mango Homeschool is new, so we're always tinkering with ways to keep your classroom fresh and cutting edge. Currently, we provide full access to all of our languages, as well as a teacher account for parents to monitor their students' activity in real time and record their learning history. Graded quizzes and assessments are also exclusively available on Mango Homeschool.

Is Mango Homeschool available for high school credit?

Mango Homeschool provides a curriculum schedule here for teachers with a 5 day-a-week classroom. This way, you can be sure to have over 160 hours of material for your student to learn. We try to cover all the bases, but we can’t ensure it will cover your state’s mandated homeschooling requirements. Check with your state’s department of education to follow their guidelines when learning through high school with Mango.

Can I continue my student’s trial usage to a purchased account?

Not yet, but we’re working on it! If if you fall in love with Mango early on in your trial let us know at, and we'll set up a suscription account for you (don't worry, you'll still get your remaining free trial days!).

Can I cancel my subscription at any time?

Yup! You can cancel your subscription at any time, for any reason.

Can I suspend my subscription over the summer and reactivate it later?

Yes, but don’t forget that Mangos grow best in sunny, tropical climates! Send us an email at and we’ll be able to suspend your account for a few months per year.

How do I change my account type or cancel my subscription?

We’ll be sad to see you go! Just shoot an email over to with your name and request to cancel or swap account types. You can also give us a call at 248.254.7450 ex. 844.

What if I need more than six student accounts?

The more the merrier! Give us a call to add more students. It's just $5 more per month, per student. You can reach us at 248.254.7450 ex. 844.