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Choose your child's grade and we'll recommend a language.

Arabic, Egyptian

Delve into this ancient culture and explore the world. Indulge your imagination and travel to Egypt’s famed pyramids, dazzling temples, and the international Nile River. Visit the Valley of the Kings, decode Egyptian hieroglyphics, and sunbathe along the shores of the Red Sea.

Arabic, Iraqi

Iraq is a country of extremely rich multiculturalism and history -- and unsurprisingly, the language that is primarily spoken there today is just as delightfully rich linguistically. Within the borders of Iraq was once Mesopotamia, one of the greatest ancient civilizations known to humankind and home to various cultures for centuries.

Arabic, Levantine

Are you ready for your Eastern Mediterranean adventure? Soak in the deep blue waters of the Mediterranean Sea, indulge in delectable meze, and dance the night away alongside the Levant’s finest Dabke dancers.

Arabic, MSA

The great works of the Arabic World await you. Read the famous plays of Tawfiq al-Hakim, the poetry of Jamil Sidqi al-Zahawi, or simply catch up on the day’s news in the local newspaper.


Armenia offers something exotic and alluring to everyone. Whether you are on a tour of amazing monasteries in the mountains, or listening to a rich performance at the Yerevan Opera Theater, you are sure to feel welcomed by this warm and friendly people.


Pull up a chair at the local café on the Promenade in Baku, and soak up the ancient breathtaking beauty of the capital’s Old Town district. Over the rooftops, beyond the Maiden Tower and city palace, the rising sun glints off the sea, invigorating you for the day’s adventure.


It’s easy to fall in love with Bengal. A colorful nation rich in natural beauty matches well with a people extremely friendly and warm to visitors. See the beautiful Sundarbans forest and the Himalayan mountains in the north, or spend a peaceful day on the beach in the south.


Cherokee is the language of North America's Cherokee people. It is one of the healthiest indigenous languages of North America with an extensive library of literature and a significant community of native speakers.

Chinese, Mandarin

Ni hao! This means hello in Mandarin Chinese, and it is the magic phrase that opens the gateway to an enormous world of exotic sights and sounds. Mandarin Chinese is the official language of Mainland China, and is spoken by over 1.3 billion people around the world.


Book a stay at one of the coastal resorts of Istria, or chat with fellow hikers as you explore the pristine forests of Plitvice Lakes National Park. From private Mediterranean islands to authentic medieval villages, your Croatian speaking skills will help you make new friends, amazing memories, and smart travel decisions.


Navigate narrow medieval lanes, marvel at the largest castle complex in the world in Prague, or purchase a bus ticket and head to the to the suburbs to soak up some more local flavor. It’s fairly unusual for outsiders (especially westerners) to speak Czech, and your attempts will be met graciously – it’s a sure-fire way to start a conversation.


Take a dip in the Copenhagen Harbour, visit The Blue Planet, and grab a Rødgrød med fløde for a sweet snack along the way. It’s all a day in the life in the small yet fascinating country of Denmark.


The country’s rich and ancient architecture, artifacts, and culture will guide you through a fascinating journey that begins with the Middle Stone Age all the way to modern times. As an increasingly relevant region, learning the language opens up lines of communication crucial to global affairs, politics, and cultural competence.


Get a canoe to paddle through the many canals of Utrecht, or for something more Pashtoral, rent a bike and head out of town to tour a few of the Netherlands' 1,180 windmills. Catch a concert in Rotterdam, or do some haggling for antiques in Haarlem. Wherever you go, your Dutch speaking skills will be sure to please.

Farsi, Persian

Travel back to the Persian Empire at Persepolis and roam the magnificent ruins of the ancient palace. Wind down with a refreshing glass of doogh and use your language skills to delve into the poetry of Sohrab Sepehri or catch a play at the Tehran City Theater.



Ooo la la! Is there any language that invokes such beautiful imagery and captivating emotion as French? From Parisian cinemas to Belgian breweries, from Bordeaux wine tasting to museums in Montreal, French is an incredibly prolific language that can take you to a wide variety of fascinating destinations all over the world.

French, Canadian

Once you fall in love with French Canadian language and culture, there’s no going back. These Canadian-dwelling Francophones will ignite your passion for Québécois through distinctive cuisine like poutine and tourtière, European charm, and beautiful cityscapes that beckon Québec’s unique historical past.


Ever wanted to have schnitzel in Saarbrücken? By learning German, you’ll gain access to an incredible world of fun, excitement, and adventure. From Germany, to Belgium, from Luxembourg to Switzerland: German can take you through some of the most cultured and sophisticated destinations on the continent.


Only one language can claim to be the western world's oldest documented spoken language—and that language is Greek. The Greek language plays an incredibly important role in history and to a variety of other languages, including English. Words like 'magic', 'technology', 'geography', and 'enthusiasm' are all Greek words!

Greek, Ancient

Since the Renaissance’s revival of Ancient Greek philosophy and literature, the works of Homer, Plato, and Aristotle have established themselves as Western canon that is still taught today. Prevalent in more than just the arts, Ancient Greek – which was spoken primarily from the 9th century to the 4th century BCE – was also the language from which revolutionary breakthroughs in science, math and architecture were first developed.

Greek, Koine

Koine Greek was the universal Greek dialect spoken from about 300 BCE to 300 CE. It is the language in which the Septuagint and the Christian New Testament were originally written as well as the language in which Christianity was spread during its early years. Koine Greek was also spoken in the Roman Empire but was later replaced by Latin in the West, while it survived in the East.

Haitian Creole

As an official language of Haiti, along with French, the language boasts up to 12 million native speakers. Creole was born of a beautiful blend of French and African languages, and today exists as a unique language of its own. This stunning country is comprised of mountains, plains, and sparkling coastlines along the Caribbean Sea.


The ultimate escape to paradise, Hawaii’s six beautiful islands offer an incomparable immersion into some of the world’s most dazzling waters, stunning landscapes, and unique culture. Enrich your Hawaiian experience by becoming a hoaloha (friend) of the island through language.


One of the world’s oldest languages, Hebrew nearly fell out of common use until a great revival in the 19th century. Today, the language is of great historical, religious, and cultural relevance, and is spoken by 9 million people worldwide. Hebrew is one of two official languages in Israel, and it is spoken by 7 million people throughout the land.

Hebrew, Biblical

Travel back thousands of years to the time of the Old Testament to learn the language in which Genesis was actually written! Although these stories and scriptures might be familiar to you, approaching them from the viewpoint of a new language will give you a whole new perspective – you may feel closer than ever to words you’ve known for years.


Learning Hindi is a gateway to many other official languages spoken all over Asia and the Middle East. By choosing to learn Hindi, you are opening yourself up to a magical world of fascinating culture, ancient history, sublime cuisine, and wonderful people.


You can be the envy of your friends when you brag about knowing one of the world's most unique languages—Hungarian! Hungarian is almost completely unrelated to any other language in Europe and as such, it commands a great deal of respect from natives when a foreigner speaks it well.


Judging just by its name alone, Iceland seems like the home of nothing but frozen tundra, but that couldn’t be further from the truth. A hotel made of ice, sunshine at midnight, natural hot springs, a prime view of the Northern Lights, and active volcanoes all attest to the fact that Iceland is a place of excitement and energy. In fact, you might say that visiting Iceland is as epic as its proud Norse sagas.


Whether you’re chatting with the professional surfers of Lombok or deftly navigating the traffic mazes of Jakarta, your conversational Indonesian skills will help you connect with new experiences at every turn. Indonesia is the fourth most populated nation in the world, and nearly 100 percent of the nation’s population speaks the language fluently.


Like a living fairy tale, Ireland is ripe with timeless castles, sweeping landscapes, and folklore come to life. Kiss the Blarney Stone, search for Fionn mac Cumhaill at Giant’s Causeway, and take in breathtaking scenery at St. Patrick’s Rock. Escape to Ireland and use your language skills to raise a glass to new friendship by saying Sláinte (cheers)!


Ahhh Italiano... There is something special and unique about Italian culture and language. Bits and pieces of this language are deeply interwoven throughout our own culture, and they pop up in everyday life. From Italian cars and fashion to wonderful cuisine, everybody has a soft spot for this rich and passionate culture.


The 1960's had their British Invasion, but in the 2000's, it's all about Japanese. Japanese culture has become mainstream in America, with video games, cuisine, comic books, television shows, and more. It's never been a better time to learn Japanese, and we can help!


A traveler’s country, Kazakhstan offers much for the bold! Tour an ancient city and find beautiful felt articles at the marketplace. A warm and hospitable people await you and love to hear those who speak their own language. Enjoy meeting new people in one of the many saunas and be sure to check out the Cosmodrome—site of the first manned space flight in history.


With over 78 million speakers worldwide, learning Korean is a smart move for business, economic, and cultural advances. With South Korea’s booming industry, rich culture, and increased global importance, there’s never been a better time to learn the language. As a destination, South Korea’s attractiveness only grows as tourists discover the country’s vibrant cities, rugged mountaintops, and ancient structures.


Due to the expanse and longevity of the Roman Empire, Latin influenced English as well as many of the other languages that influenced English years later. So, by choosing to study Latin, you’re not only connecting with texts that were written thousands of years ago, you’re also connecting with many of the modern languages we know and love today!


From the “Abode of Peace” Brunei to the ultra-modern paradise of Singapore, Malay is spoken over a large area of southeast Asia. Learning this fascinating tongue gives you limitless conversational possibilities with nearly 180 million people! Start learning Malay today, and in a short time you could be jetting around to exotic locales such as Malaysia, Sumatra, and even parts of Thailand and the Philippines.


Malayalam is one of the hundreds of languages of India. Each city in Kerala is a unique wonder! Whether you are in Trivandrum on a sandy tropical beach, or visiting Cochin, a city known as the “Queen of the Arabian Sea,” you will be amazed by incredible palaces, colorful temples, and endless vistas of natural wonders.


Travel back in time to the land of the Vikings and trek your very own path through Norway’s breathtaking glaciers, fjords, and mountains. When you’re feeling adventurous, travel to Northern Norway to view the legendary Northern Lights, cruise the Lofoten Islands, or take in the view from atop the Jotunheimen Mountains – the tallest mountains in Norway. There’s no telling where your Norwegian expedition will take you, so you might as well find out.


Join the rich traditions of the Pashtun people and the estimated 50 million people worldwide who speak Pashto and embrace the historical and fascinating language of this significant culture.


Ahoy, matey! Belay your carousin’ and start learning to speak Pirate. You’ll take your language skills across the seven seas, gathering treasure and having parrrrties on your ship. While pirates have a historically troubled and dangerous history around the globe, we want you to embrace the inventive language of Pirates and use their creative speech for good, not evil. Are ye up for the challenge of becoming a swashbuckler (pirate) Shed your landlubber (land-lover) skin and haul wind with Mango!


The influence of Polish culture can be witnessed in many corners of the United States, as a great number of Americans can say that they have at least a little Polish heritage. Whether you plan on using your Polish language skills to connect with your roots, or to explore charming old-world villages and magnificent gothic castles and cathedrals, it's sure to help you discover a whole new world of experiences!

Portuguese, Brazil

Whether it’s the lure of Carnival in Rio de Janeiro, or an eco-tour of the wild Amazon basin, your experience will surely be enhanced by knowing conversational Portuguese. Brazil is a gigantic country, with more than a little something for everyone. It’s known for great hospitality and amazing beaches, and many tourists return for second and third trips because there is just so much to see and do.


The scenic vistas create the perfect backdrop for the beautiful cities. Pick up a delicious mango in the marketplace, haggle with a local over the price of the pottery, indulge your eyes at a wondrous mosque. The people are friendly and warm wherever you turn. If you are invited to a private home for a feast, don’t forget to say مہربانی (MEHr-baani), which means “thank you”, to your host!


Sail along the Danube River straight to the shores of the Black Sea, where the fine sand beaches offer hours of sun-soaked relaxation with stunning views. Explore medieval towns and traditional villages; visiting stunning fortresses, historic castles, and bustling villages blissfully oblivious to the demands of modern times.


Few languages are in as high of demand as Russian. As a leading world language, there are nearly 270 million Russian speakers around the world. As a key global player in business, economics, and world politics, speaking Russian is a strategic, rewarding move for any global citizen. Likewise, learning Russian introduces you to a fascinating, long-standing culture rich in influential literature, philosophy, and world history.

Scottish Gaelic

World class beaches, stunning vistas, ragged mountains, rich wildlife, and lush, verdant pastures are perfectly balanced in this hiker’s paradise. Whether you are on a single-lane road overlooking hundreds of kilometers of perfectly clean beaches, or watching the Northern lights from the parapet of an ancient castle, this land offers unparalleled enchantments for the eager traveler.


As the sunlight dances on the Danube River, you signal the waiter by saying Molim! and order a sarma and mineral water just like a local. Known for its breathtaking beauty, Serbia has so much to offer! Ancient Roman ruins, luxurious spas, stunning castles, traditional villages—the country is known for its fresh air and hospitality.


Imagine yourself asking for directions to the nearest scenic view in the beautiful Slovak Mountains, or experiencing the bustle and excitement of Slovak’s capital, Bratislava. Your understanding of this distinctive and dynamic language will be the perfect companion to your travel plans!

Spanish, Latin American

Latin America has many wonderful experiences to offer; from the tropical paradises of Costa Rica and Ecuador to the gorgeous and sweeping vistas of Chile and Argentina—Spanish is the language that binds all these amazing places together. Imagine hiking amongst ancient Incan ruins in Peru or spending an evening dancing the Tango in Buenos Aires.

Spanish, Spain

Flamenco! Tapas! Don Quixote! Just like the region’s distinctive flavor of ham, Castilian Spanish – the official language of Spain – offers its own unique zest. Between the afternoon siestas and the late-night churros, castellano offers a glimpse into a world where old traditions and the modern world collide. Falling in love with the culture and the language of Spain is as easy as picking up the Castilian lisp!


Karibu (welcome!) This coastal language is the native tongue of Tanzania, the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Uganda, and Kenya, but it is also a means of communication across Southeast Africa. Have Swahili, will travel. Journey to the African Great Lakes, where Mount Kilimanjaro reigns high and miles of savannah sweep the land. Packed with diverse cultures and storied histories, this region beckons for your undivided attention.


Swedish – the language of some of the happiest people in the world. And between the clean cities, the crisp forests and lakes, and the distinctively colorful architecture of Stockholm, it’s not hard to imagine why! What was once the ancient home of the Vikings is now one of the most peaceful and pleasant places to visit.


An incredibly unique and interesting language born of a fusion of Spanish and Southeastern Asian influence, Tagalog is the official language of the Philippines. And, as the language spoken in the country with the fifth longest coastline in the world as well as some of the most breathtaking rainforests, Tagalog is certainly a gateway to a world full of color and adventure.


The Tamil culture is nestled amongst Southern India’s sprawling coastlines, lush mountain ranges, historic temples, and national parks. With the help of Mango Languages, you’ll be able to confidently inquire about where to catch a glimpse of Tamil’s famous tigers and rare wildlife, or ask about the best place to watch the sun rise in Tamil Nadu.


Explore the state of Andhra Pradesh in Southern India and become enchanted by the rich Carnatic music accompanied by a performance of the classical Kuchipudi dance. These expressive art forms emerge from the natural rhythms of Telugu language, and seem to be set perfectly against the network of ornate temples and natural wonders of the region.


Thailand is the land of a thousand smiles, and speaking Thai is the key to a thousand more. When you visit beautiful, exotic Thailand, your conversational Thai skills will earn you the hearts and respect of Thai natives all over the country.


Turkey is a country with a vast and fascinating history and ancient cultural heritage. Turkey is often considered the crossroads of Asia and Europe and Istanbul, the largest city in Turkey, is the only city in the world that was built on two continents.


The nation of Ukraine is forever evolving a sense of identity separate from that of its Soviet past. Your knowledge of this language and culture will make it easy for you to take in astounding facts about Kyiv, the city’s breathtaking capital filled with historic churches and trees, or even the cozy and peaceful town of Lviv, just outside the beautiful western hills.


Urdu it is the official language of Pakistan and it is widely spoken in six Indian states. Over 40 million people worldwide speak Urdu, and nearly twice that are native speakers. As the native language of one of the world’s most ancient and compelling regions, its influence is long-reaching and constantly changing. Plus, it’s the language of countless literary works; from poetry and prose to literature and philosophy.


Good morning, Vietnam! Greet a new day in Vietnam by escaping into its lush natural landscapes, sunbathing on the beaches of Nha Trang, or taking a trip down the Mekong Delta. Spend the day among the rice terraces with local mountain people or get away to Phu Quoc for an island getaway on one of the world’s most pristine beaches.


The Jewish people have a deep connection to traveling and history. Strike up a conversation with a fellow passenger about the ancient traditions of this amazing people. You can speak about their high art and beautiful music, or the wisdom inherited from more than three thousand years of tradition and ancestry. Enjoy the honor and fanfare of the couple’s celebration, the blessing of the wine, the Mezinka dance, and the traditional music.

Endangered Languages (Tuvan)

Travel to the far south of Siberia, where the people of Tuva reside among a beautiful landscape of mountains, forests, and grasslands. Tuva’s obscure and fascinating culture is sure to captivate your attention.


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My Classroom Size



  • You and one student
  • Over 60 languages
  • Speciality courses
  • All units and tests

My Classroom Size



  • Yourself and up to six students
  • Over 60 languages
  • Speciality courses
  • All units and tests

My Classroom Size



  • Yourself and up to six students
  • Over 60 languages
  • Speciality courses
  • All units and tests

My Classroom Size



  • Yourself and up to six students
  • Over 60 languages
  • Speciality courses
  • All units and tests

My Classroom Size



  • Yourself and up to six students
  • Over 60 languages
  • Speciality courses
  • All units and tests

My Classroom Size



  • Yourself and up to six students
  • Over 60 languages
  • Speciality courses
  • All units and tests

My Classroom Size



  • Yourself and up to six students
  • Over 60 languages
  • Speciality courses
  • All units and tests

My Classroom Size



  • Yourself and up to six students
  • Over 60 languages
  • Speciality courses
  • All units and tests

My Classroom Size



  • Yourself and up to six students
  • Over 60 languages
  • Speciality courses
  • All units and tests

My Classroom Size



  • Yourself and up to six students
  • Over 60 languages
  • Speciality courses
  • All units and tests

My Classroom Size



  • Yourself and up to six students
  • Over 60 languages
  • Speciality courses
  • All units and tests

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We'll do the grading for you.

You don't need to be an expert in Azerbaijani to know if your student's getting it. Mango's powerful assessment feature takes care of that for you. Check out printable grade books to see how your little on is progressing.

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Part of becoming proficient in a new language is to accomplish specific communication tasks. Each chapter aligns your learning to a set of conversational and grammar goals.

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With a focus on quickly building conversation skills, Mango challenges you to combine what you've already learned to build something new.

Relevant learning material

You'll learn words and phrases that you'll actually use in everyday conversation. By learning language and culture through real situations, you'll be more prepared for the real world.

Cultural Insights

Highly relevant culture notes are sprinkled into each lesson. Language lets you speak, but cultural understanding allows you to connect with a new way of life.

Grammar Insights

While much of the grammar in Mango is learned without you even realizing it, specific grammar insights are sprinkled throughout the lessons for clarity.

Memory building exercises

Perfectly-timed memory building exercises ensure you actually retain what you've learned. Get something wrong? Don't worry, you'll come back to it later.

Interactive Words and Phrases

Didn't catch something? No problem. Listen to crystal-clear audio for every word, or listen to the whole phrase at a conversational pace. You’ll be able to perfect your accent in no time.

Pronunciation helpers

Phonetic popups help you tune your pronunciation with amazing precision. Even the most difficult-to-pronounce words can be mastered with ease.

Voice Comparison

You can record your speech and compare it to audio from a native speaker to hear exactly how to tune in your accent. You'll be ready for the real thing in no time.

Semantic color mapping

Color mapping quickly reveals the relationship between your native language and your target language, giving you insight into the grammar and expressive mechanics of your new language.

Understood and literal meanings

Get a better understanding of your new language by learning both understood and literal meanings. For example, the literal meaning of “How are you?“ is “How your things?“ in Russian.




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