Frequently Asked Questions

For K-12 schools and districts

What is Mango K-12 Edition?

Mango K12 Edition is our subscription-based product offering for teachers, media specialists and educational organizations. It includes a variety of resources to help students gain practical conversation skills and cultural insight for the world’s most popular languages, and makes a great supplement to traditional course material.

How does Mango teach a new language?”

Mango uses a proprietary methodology, engaging interface, and easy, intuitive interactive tools to deliver practical conversation skills and valuable cultural insight for a foreign language. Lessons include strategically placed memory-building exercises to help users remember what they learn, while critical thinking exercises help them intuitively understand the language and adapt it to similar conversations. You can learn about our Intuitive Language Construction methodology below:

What ages or levels of education is Mango appropriate for?”

Mango Languages is easy and intuitive and is easy enough for the youngest students to manage, but interactive tools and exciting cultural content make it engaging for older students as well. It’s a valuable resource for students of all ages.

As an educator, can I assign Mango as homework?”

Sure! Because Mango is a web-based system, students can access it anywhere with an internet connection. The MAP’s Virtual Classroom feature makes it easy to keep track of various students and courses, and stay up to date on their progress.

What languages are available?”

Mango K12 Edition currently offers over 45 foreign language courses and 15 ESL courses, with more coming all the time.

When is the next webinar?”

Our webinars give you an overall understanding of what Mango is and how it can benefit your school. Click here to view and register for an upcoming date!

How many students can use Mango at a time?”

Access is unlimited! You can have as many students as you want using Mango from as many places as they want, all at the same time. Students can access Mango Languages from home or from school with unlimited remote access.

How much does Mango K12 Edition cost?”

Mango’s pricing structure is based upon the size and usage requirements of your school. Click here to contact your Mango Rep today and find out how we can help make Mango an effective and affordable resource for your students, staff and faculty.