Frequently Asked Questions

For corporations

What is Mango Corporate Edition?

Mango Corporate Edition is our subcription-based product offering for organizational needs. These courses include a variety of resources to help employees gain practical conversational skills and cultural insight for the world’s most popular languages.

How does Mango teach a new language?

Mango uses a proprietary methodology, engaging interface, and easy, intuitive interactive tools to deliver practical conversation skills and valuable cultural insight for a foreign language. Lessons include strategically placed memory-building exercises to help users remember what they learn, while critical thinking exercises help them intuitively understand the language and adapt it to similar conversations. You can learn about our Intuitive Language Construction methodology below:

What is included?

Mango’s Corporate Edition subscriptions are completely web-based so Mango can be accessed all online. With your subscription, employees will have access to the Mango Languages Mobile app free of charge. Corporations also have the option to add Mango Take-Out, the boxed USB version of the Mango Basic courses, for an additional fee.

How much time will it take to learn a new language through Mango?

Mango Languages is completely self-paced and the time it takes to build fluency is different from person to person. Mango provides an introduction to language and culture through the acquisition of simple conversational skills. The courses focus on practical conversations while increasing vocabulary and grammar skills and it is intended to deliver conversational proficiency.

What languages are available?

Mango Corporate Edition currently offers over 45 foreign language courses and 15 ESL courses, with more coming all the time.

What equipment do you need for Mango?

Mango’s Corporate Edition is completely web-based, so all that your employees need is a computer and an internet connection. They’ll also need a microphone and speakers to use the Voice Comparison tool.

How much does Mango Corporate Edition cost?

Mango’s pricing structure is based upon the size and usage requirements of your organization. Click here to contact your Mango Rep today to find out how we can help make Mango an effective and affordable resource for your organization.

How many people can use Mango at a time?

Access to Mango is unlimited. You can have as many people as you want using Mango from as many places as they want, all at the same time.