qutubIn Delhi, India, things have just wrapped up at the Qutub Festival of devotional music–an annual festival celebrating both traditional and classical Indian music which includes singing and dance.

The festival is held around the Qutub Minar, a five story red sandstone tower which is one of the most celebrated monuments in India0.  Originally constructed by an early Afghan invader of Northern India, the tower became a reflection of many different cultures’ architectural influences.

The actual festival held around this historic backdrop lasts three days and is hosted by the Delhi Tourism and Transport Development Corporation. The festival’s aim is to attempt to preserve classical Indian music as well as contemporary.

Have you ever been to India? Have you ever listened to Indian music?

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2 Responses to Move Over Woodstock!

  1. Meera says:

    Yes i have been to india, i love new delhi its an amazing amazing place. I love indian music, movies and everything :)

  2. Steve Browne says:

    Yes, I’ve been to India. 4 times. We leave Sunday for the 5th time. We’re going 3 weeks to Kolkata & also the state of Orissa. I’m so glad I’ve been working with Mango. Actually I’ve been self-studying for 7 years but its only lately that I have the confidence. I credit the constant positive reinforcement from your narrator! Dhanyavad!

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