2419649You may have thought Oktoberfest was drawing to a close, but worry not! German Unity Day is here to put a stop to your early October festival-drought.

German Unity Day–also the day of formal German reunification in 1990–is held every year on October 3rd.  This day celebrates a few different German milestones, including the proclamation of the German Republic in 1918.

The Day of German Unity is celebrated each year with a festival in different cities around the country, alternating every year. For instance, the 2010 festival was held in Bremen, while this year’s ceremony will take place in Bonn.  Some other celebrations also happen in the capital of Berlin, and run right up against the tail end of Oktoberfest, though it’s nowhere near as wild.

The actual date which celebrates German Unity Day has changed in various places and at various times, having been held on November 9th (The actual day the Berlin wall fell), and June 17th (remembering a failed uprising of East Germans in 1953).

Do you have any German friends? Are they celebrating?

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2 Responses to Just When You Thought It Was Safe To Stop Partying…

  1. Next time im travelling to Berlin will be test running a marathon in Berlin, what I have heard is that it should be nice. I have also heard that the fastest marathon was ran in Berlin. Cant wait, alot of training ahead of me :)

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