Java_country_agriculture_traditionalIt’s a safe bet that most people reading this are no strangers to Java.  Let me rephrase that- most people reading this are most likely no stranger to a cup of Java.  How many people are familiar with the island of Java, however, is an entirely different question.

Java is actually the 5th largest island in Indonesia, and the 13th largest island in the world. Home to a population of 130 million, it beats the Japanese island Honshu for the most populous island in the world.  Most people speak Indonesian, either as a first or second language, alongside languages like Javanese (in development for release by Mango!), Sudanese, and Madurese.

Java is almost entirely volcanic, which has created abundantly rich soil. This, along with the ideal climate, has made Java a perfect place for its coffee industry to flourish and become synonymous with our morning cup of Joe.

So, do you think you could you make it all the way to Java without a cup of Java?

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3 Responses to Gotta Have My Java!

  1. Kimberly Cortes says:

    I can’t make it out of the house without my morning fix of Java!

  2. Kelly says:

    I probably could, but I’d want to drink my regular old blend so I could compare and contrast with Java java.

    And can you make it through a day of being Joe without a cup of joe?

  3. Joe without Joe? It’s hard to imagine. I guess you could say I’m full of myself. =P

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